The dreaded gap is fast becoming one of the most unaffordable in-hospital or in-room healthcare provider procedural expenses. In most cases, very few medical scheme members are financially prepared for these unexpected expenses that crop up. Sadly, they often come into play when you need your cover the most.



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Your daughter needs to have a gastroscopy to investigate upper abdominal pain and the procedure requires the services of an anaesthetist. The anaesthetist charges 200% of the medical scheme rate while your specific cover option will only cover 100%. Expect to receive a surprise bill in the post following the procedure, stating that you must cover the tariff shortfall from your own pocket.

Minding the Gap with Agility

As an Agility Gap policyholder, you never have to formally meet the gap as you will be refunded for relevant tariff shortfalls that you have had to incur. In short, the product settles the difference between medical scheme rates and what medical professionals charge, enabling you to worry about nothing more than simply taking care of your health.



The Agility Gap product basket encompasses three cover options that are guaranteed to suit the needs of both you and your family:



Agility Gap 200

Pays medical professionals for in-hospital procedures at up to 200% over and above the medical scheme rate included in your cover option. You also enjoy much needed PMB cover. 

Get this cover for:

Individual: R97 & Family Under 65: R106

Individual: R179 & Family Over 65: R194

Agility Gap 500

Pays medical professionals for in-hospital procedures at up to 500% over and above the medical scheme rate included in your cover option. You also enjoy much needed PMB cover and a handy Gap cover premium waiver if you need it.  We even throw in emergency room cover on this exceptional product option.


Individual: R198 & Family Under 65: R216

Individual: R290 & Family Over 65: R315

To request more information on the Agility Gap & CoPay products, simply send an email to gapco@agilityinsurance.co.za or call us on 011 801 2247.